ARK Survival Evolved launches today; get caught up here with the trailer and roundup!


Try to hold back your shock: Sci-fi-dino-themed survival sandbox ARK Survival Evolved is really, truly, launching today, so put all those delay gripes and eternal early access jokes back in the grudge box. As of this morning, Studio Wildcard says the Xbox One download is up and running, while PS4 is lagging a few hours behind. Do remember that even on Steam, a newbie will be paying just shy of 60 bucks for the whole bundle. We’ve got a read on the new servers too:

“For ARK’s launch, we plan on providing new Official Servers for the following games mode: Regular/Vanilla, Non-TEK, Primitive+, Hardcore, Isolated Clusters, NoTaming, Extinction Servers and ORP. With the bulk of the servers being focused on the vanilla game mode (Both PVP and PVE), and smaller amounts of niche servers which could be increased based on player demand. The primitive game mode will be removed in favour of the Non-TEK Tier Servers.”

Want more ARK goodness? We’ll be chatting with the team at this year’s PAX, so stay tuned! In the meantime, we’ve rounded up the launch trailer, some of MJ’s streams, and our best content on the game. Plus, don’t forget you’re welcome to join our long-running ARK server.

Here’s a quick look at some (not all! there’s too much!) of our ARK-related content from the last year or two.

We stream ARK Survival Evolved extensively as MOP’s own MJ Guthrie maintains a public server for our readers and friends. Feel free to join us there or check out some of her streams of the game!

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