CCP’s VR sports game Sparc has arrived on PSVR today


Remember CCP’s multiplayer VR sports sim Sparc? We first heard about it back in February, and now as planned, the Icelandic studio known best for MMO EVE Online has formally launched the game on PSVR for $29.99 as of today. It’s not really an MMO or even trying to be; the idea is that players will be sparring in a 1v1 arena playing a VR-based match of what is essentially fancy neon ping-pong/dodgeball versus friends or frenemies plucked from the matchmaker, then when that’s over, you even get to play dress-up.

MOP’s Brendan Drain got a hands-on with the game at this past spring’s EVE Fanfest. “CCP has hit the nail on the head with the feel of Sparc,” he wrote in April. “Sparc legitimately has the potential to become the Wii Sports of VR, a collection of competitive activities transmitted via the internet and experienced in VR but played in real space with real athletic competition. I’ve often complained that VR has no killer app, no must-have game that absolutely needs VR to work, but I think Sparc might be it.”

We’ve tucked the brand-new trailer down below, but we warn you: You won’t burn any calories watching it.

Source: Press release

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This product is another in a long list of “me too” products for VR. There’s lots of examples of “sports” style competitive games that are simply better than this one. There’s no chance this will ever be the “killer app” for VR simply because, like all of CCP’s VR products, it’s designed for the lowest common denominator the PSVR. The PSVR is this abomination of VR technology not quite as bad as GearVR but no where near on the same levels as 360 space tracking available on the Rift let alone the Vive. As Oculus originally discovered, and PSVR is being reminded of with reviews on the Skyrim VR, only having forward facing VR tracking is pretty abysmal. It limits game design and what could be. A great example of the opposite is Racket Nx that takes full advantage of a 360 play space in a racketball style spin off, has multiplayer competition (or single player) and features more of a dome than just a hollow tube Pong simulator.

Melissa McDonald

Hush. A reviewer said it was, so don’t kill that positive buzz. :P

A favourite saying of my employer/benefactor: “Don’t let ‘perfect’ get in the way of being real good.” I happen to love my Gear VR. It’s an Oculus product, after all, and sure, it doesn’t have room presence, but it works *very* well.


My criticism wasn’t aimed at the fact that it isn’t “the killer app” but rather it’s questionable to be an even decent product let alone any kind of perfect.

Even then, to the rest, I can only reply that good is the enemy of great. Yes you can fail at trying to be great but if you aren’t doing something where you could fail then you probably aren’t doing anything interesting at all.

Melissa McDonald

Reminds me of a musician who was talking about how he listens to music differently than the average person. How he is listening to the tiny details, the arrangement, beats, pitch, melody, writing, all the “little things” the average person doesn’t even think about.

The reply to his post? “I bet they enjoy the music more than you do, though.” ;-)

Tom R

The problem with aggressive trailers comparing your game to real sports and creating this epic feel to it is that you most likely can’t really live up to those standards.

This is the trailer you release for the 2nd game or a large update after your game is doing great and can actually be compared in some way.

I’ll point out the lack of actual long-shots of gameplay and suggest what you’re going to get is VR pong with really twitchy poorly tracked motions.