Destiny 2’s PC open beta has arrived

I dunno about you guys, but my guildies were up at literally 4 a.m. talking about buying Destiny 2 and leaping into the beta, which I’d say bodes well for the game’s impact on my little circle of the gamerverse.

That’s the PC beta, mind you, which formally launches today, at least for those who’ve purchased a copy ahead of the final October 24th PC launch. Console folks have already been testing since July. Don’t think you’ll be needing fancy gear to make it work on your PC, either; it’s designed to work with keyboard and mouse. You know… like an MMO.

We’ve put together all our Destiny 2 news from the rumors to now and included them all below, accompanied by the official launch trailer and our hands-on with the game from earlier this summer. That should help you get caught up if you, too, were stumbling around the internet trying to get a Destiny 2 fix at 4 a.m. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a sudden urge to consume Pop-Tarts and huff video game-branded candles. Weird, right?

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