Mu Legend delays open beta from September to November

Bye, no one will weep.

Those who are eagerly awaiting the open beta test for MU Legend got hit with some bad news with the announcement that the game’s open testing/soft launch is being delayed from September until November. The announcement explains that while the closed beta version was ready to go, the current live version in Korea has already gotten feedback from players and brought certain vital issues to light, leading to the conclusion that the release roadmap needs adjustment and refinement to produce the best possible version of the game.

Could the team just release the current beta version? Technically, yes, but you never get a second chance to make a first impression, and between testing, balancing, and localization, it would result in a sub-par rollout for the title. Instead, everyone is just going to have to wait for a couple more months before the open testing period commences. We’re sure you’ll manage all right just the same, though; it’s only a little more time to wait.


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Roscoe Keller

I appreciate them delaying it for quality control but at the same time, it’s release is still only “Open Beta” so… Shouldn’t we be testing too?

Indigo Salma

Whats the point ? We get the same version as the Koreans.

Alex Webzen

It is right that it is flagged as “Open Beta”. But an Open Beta should as well grant a specific standard in terms of quality. An Open Beta is more meant for those – let’s call it – “everyday errors” which are usually encountered while many many players are playing the game over weeks. But in order to reach that point, we have to make sure that everything is up and running.

Greetings from Webzen Dublin,


Alternate Take: Lineage Eternal is delayed for who knows how long so, we don’t need to put something in player hands next month to get to NA first.