Crowfall introduces the Half-Giant race


Go big or go home! If that’s your philosophy, you could do worse than to recruit Crowfall’s Half-Giant onto your team.

The product of archetype decoupling from the Champion, the Half-Giant is a fearsome fighter who might be the largest race in the game. “As the name implies, they are massive size-wise,” the team said. “Really, really big. In fact, some would say they are MASSIVE, when they unleash their inner Giant and grow in both power and physical size.”

The Half-Giant has expected strength and constitution bonuses, but it also sports a couple of interesting feats as well. Every time the character takes a relatively minor hit, it stacks a buff that eventually results in a size and damage bonus. And for foes that are truly annoying, the Half-Giant can backhand them into oblivion.

This race comes in both male and female varieties and can be paired with the Champion, Myrmidon, and Cleric classes.

Source: Crowfall
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I have not followed how this game has developed but what I see occasionally is interesting.. this sounds like a fun race to play, and it being able to be a Cleric would make me consider being a big giant healer.


Whilst it is doubtful I’ll play this game (i feel overall design is pretty poor), I am glad that they’re pushing the boundaries in a few areas and race design is one of them. I get very bored with everything being humanoid and roughly the same size.

Crowfall is really doing well on race design. Centaurs, minotaurs, guinea pigs and now half-giants. Good times! I will be really curious what effect the difference races have on gameplay. Being a PvP game, big races are easier to spot and target so get focused a lot, but it sounds like CF has already thought about that with their feat that stacks defensive bonuses.

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Crowfall keeps the hits coming!



Nick Smith

Yeeeessshhhh!! \o/


Sounds intriguing to me. I’ll be on the look out for how this race translates into the game. Always like it when games offer both ends of the spectrum in terms of PC design, from small to incredibly large (versus the standard one size fits all).