Destiny 2 lets players visit a nice farm upstate very briefly tonight

Gosh, I love farming.
The Destiny 2 beta on PC has thus far allowed you to explore things like “shooting” and “further shooting” and “yet more shooting, how are you still shooting.” That’s kind of what the game is all about; you can’t expect the game to just drop you into a nice farm to play soccer. No, you have to wait until tonight at 8 p.m. EDT in order to kick the soccer ball around, since that’s when the game is briefly opening up its social space for players to explore.

We do mean briefly, by the way; the Farm should be open for players to explore for just around two hours, and the vendors players will later meet and grow accustomed to will not be there. So if you’re really curious to see where you can cool your heels between bouts of the aforementioned shooting, be sure to pop over tonight to check the place out. Or just keep shooting for a while; you might find that more interesting than soccer anyhow. There’s a fair bit to be said about the beta regardless.

Source: VG24/7
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