Worlds Adrift previews the new mechanics coming to island creation

gun stand shoots

When September rolls around, island makers in Worlds Adrift will have more options for building a truly unique experience for players. The first island creator update has been previewed on the official site, and it includes things like turrets with various functions and surfaces which can’t be climbed, making navigation that much more difficult. You can even check out a gauntlet made with these new tools in the video just below.

Fortunately for those looking to explore your creations, you will also have more opportunities to test out the islands you make with a tester pistol that can be used to gun down turrets and the like. The game has also opened its doors to players around the world, with the caveat that its servers are still located in the EU and the USA and the game isn’t being localized for worldwide versions at this time. Still, if you speak the language and want to get in on the island-building action, you’ll have the option.

Source: Official Site, Bossa Studios press release

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The biggest technical problem the game has at the moment is that when approaching a new island the game freezes while it loads all the assets on the island, and once it unfreezes it has a habit of catapulting you off your ship.

Bossa claims this is due to a texture loading issue, there is a blog post about it, and they’re working on it.

Regardless I think this game is brilliant. Reports of griefing are, in my experience, greatly exaggerated.

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Alfredo Garcia

Considering all the lag and optimization issues, in a game with open world and almost full-loot PvP, letting everyone in the world access any server is a ridiculous decision. It would be bad even minus the lag and other issues.

Bossa seems to have a very hard time keeping players in the game, and maybe they think maximizing potential player count is the way to go to counter that issue. But between roaming gangs that grief brand new players, many of which leave and will never return, and some very user unfriendly game design choices it doesn’t matter how many potential players have access to the game. Retention is going to be very low due to existing issues.

I very much believe that studios should stick to the vision of the game they want to make, and not be overly swayed by the opinions of players that want to alter that vision. I also realize that some of the design decisions I don’t particularly like are probably attempts to mitigate technological factors that might otherwise cause worse performance or game play issues. But as a game designer you also have to be very aware of human nature and how people are actually interacting with and within your game. The vision of your game and the reality can quickly move in opposite directions.

I’d love to see Worlds Adrift succeed magnificently. It’s unique, in art style and concept, and could be an explorer’s dream as well as a consistently fun and engaging sandbox game. Hopefully Bossa can pull it all together and I’m looking forward to jumping back into the game when it gets close to feature complete.