Revelation Online offers tips on battling carp and laying carpets

Has Revelation Online’s fishing system reeled you in yet? Does it captivate your life hook, line, and sinker? Do you live for that moment when you can shout, “Oh my cod, I caught the big one!” Are you wishing that there was a minimum sentencing of three years hard time for dad jokes?

The fantasy MMO recently published a pair of guides to its various leisure systems, starting with fishing. There’s a little more to fishing than waiting for your line to bob, so understanding the fundamentals is the difference between tasty success and stinky failure. Also, you could be sucked into a “fish battle” and find yourself floundering in the moment.

Perhaps you’re looking at putting the final, perfect touches on your in-game apartment and could use a few pointers. There’s a very small guide for that as well with a helpful tip if you accidentally mess up so badly that you need to replace a furnishing from the start.


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I’m not busting up my knees to lay carpet in an MMO.

Not sayin anything, just sayin


My obligatory comment on a RO article.
I just re-DL it, so too soon to say, but maybe I could see enjoying these casual play features someday, if I decide to stick with it…but not holding my breath on that…