Rumor: Destiny 2’s first DLC will take players to Mercury

You guys are still here?
Destiny 2 isn’t out yet, but you can best be assured that the developers are planning far beyond that for the game’s major updates. Kotaku claims that it has confirmed word of the multiplayer game’s first DLC, The Curse of Osiris, which is aiming for a December release.

The Curse of Osiris will take players to the planet Mercury, so let’s hope that they have very insulated suits and low expectations for lush scenery. In addition to a patrol zone on the planet itself, the update will allegedly open up a “social space” on the Lighthouse. The name of the DLC refers to an effort to save Osiris from the alien Vex.

The PC open beta for Destiny 2 has been the go-to event of the week, with computer players seeing what the deal is all about for this once console-exclusive franchise. The beta is wrapping up today as Bungie prepares for a September 6th launch on consoles followed by the PC version on October 24th.

Source: Kotaku
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