Global Chat: Has No Man’s Sky finally arrived as a full-featured game?

It’s been a year since the disastrous and controversial launch of No Man’s Sky, a game with failings that included, among many others, a lack of multiplayer when it specifically advertised itself as such.

But has the space exploration game finally arrived now that it’s sitting on several patches is far more robust than its launch incarnation? Virtual Bastion thinks this may be the case.

“The new updates, Atlas Rises included, appear to build greatly upon the simple notion of giving players things to do, from crafting homes to completing actual missions. Certainly, the game isn’t perfect: Slow progression is still a problem, dreadful inventory management remains, and promised in-game multiplayer has yet to be realized, but the fact remains that No Man’s Sky on August 2017 is a far cry from No Man’s Sky of August 2016.”

Self Distract Sequence: The tide goes out in Secret World Legends

“You get an idea of story behind The Whispering Tide by reading the lore for it. However, that was only patched into the game a week after the event began, following player concerns, because apparently the developers had forgotten that in their redesign of Agartha and the compression of the event down to just the raid instance, most of the lore didn’t exist or wasn’t accessible. How could they have missed such a crucial thing during their internal testing?”

Reputation Grind: Trial of Style

“Despite my interest in transmog, I wasn’t too excited about the Trial of Style. None of the mog prizes were that exciting to me. The only one I really wanted was the mail set. I would have totally forgotten about the event altogether until I saw someone on my friends list queue for it. So I figured, OK, I’ll go get that set and be done. WRONG.”

GamingSF: World of Warcraft next expansion clues

“For those who have been playing the Legion expansion, you’d be hard pressed to miss the heavy hints that Blizzard have been dropping throughout that all seem to point one way for their 7th expansion (i.e., 8.0): Old Gods. Olds Gods. Old Gods!”

Z is for Zeirah: Zee in the world of RuneScape

“The quests are really fun and there’s a ton of flavor conversations and events that randomly happen. I’ve been kidnapped by an evil cat a few times and taken to various scenarios. Completely didn’t take screeshots though It’s actually quite a complex game in ways. Quite a few of the quests are real puzzles.”

Superior Realities: Guild Wars 2 revisited (again)

“It is, in the end, surprisingly difficult to quit an MMO for good. If you’ve invested in something heavily, you may find yourself slinking back now and again even if you get tired of it. Such seems to be the case with me and Guild Wars 2. While I stopped playing regularly a long time ago and almost entirely lost interest in it, I nonetheless felt my curiosity peaked when they decided to offer everyone a free preview of the next expansion, Path of Fire.”

Contains Moderate Peril: LOTRO’s Cat Lady’s house

“There are still a lot of unanswered questions regarding The Cat Lady’s House. It does seem to be a rather large embellishment just to provide a NPC (Wink the cat) for a solitary quest. So perhaps it did have greater significance during the games development. What is the purpose of Oliver and Horatio? Note also the creepy picture on the wall. It seems a little out of place does it not? Does it have any wider significance? Also, who and where is the Cat Lady herself?”

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I’m very happy with NMS at the moment on my laptop (but I am one of those for who it does immediately crash at the splash screen on startup for my desktop still, memory access violation according to crash dump).
Before NMS was mostly about learning what you are missing to make something or get something or get somewhere. Often without pointed where to get that missing thing or with grind and RNG replacing content. I enjoyed just mentally unwinding on planets and scanning the wildlife and flora and looking at buildings, knowledge stones etc. But there wasn’t much to do.
Now I spent a lot of time in it and it flies and I’m busy and feel like I accomplish things or discover things or just have a good time. Still missing multiplayer and more interactivity to the world besides sucking it all in as resources.


Ugh, let’s see. To No Man’s Sky I say you had good ideas but ultimately poorly executed, thus leaving me with nothing more than a TOP KEK as the kids say these days.

To Funcom I say, way to go lads. Please note the sarcasm, but understand I ultimately have no ill will at you considering you put the lore in and didn’t just let go.

WoW Old Gods xpac, yeah yeah.. it’s not like it hasn’t been talked about one thousand times by people who follow Blizzard content. And I really just have nothing to say about Trial of Style.

Moving on! Hey there, Runescape! I just met you recently, and while you’re a differently sort of beast, right now I don’t think I hate you for it. In fact, I might like you. Who knows?!

Guild Wars 2…….. I’m gonna no-comment this one as I don’t know that I can say anything cognitive to the game right now. I’m just gonna keep my eye on you and see what happens.

LOTRO, I don’t have a stake in you, thus no comment!


Hah, I see someone (Justin) is a redditor.

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Dug From The Earth

Its still only 70% of the game is was supposed to be. Its just now, that 70% is far less buggy and quite a bit more feature rich.


Agreed. Aliens still exist unmoving, solely in static locations. Worlds still feel dead. Controls still feel mushy. And obviously, still no real multiplayer interaction.


What happens now when you reach the center of the galaxy in NMS?

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Your computer implodes and takes out half your home city with it or …….

You start over in a new universe after listening to a lot of ambient music

Its one or the other ;-)


I’ll take the first option, please. Please! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaase!!!!!!!


Spore’s center of the galaxy 42 surprise was better.