PAX West 2017: Dauntless launches closed beta today; here’s the trailer


Happy PAX day, folks! Here’s your first big fun announcement: Phoenix Labs’ co-op OARPG Dauntless is launching closed beta. Today. In just a few hours.

“Phoenix Labs is launching Dauntless, the highly anticipated online co-op action RPG, into Closed Beta for PC today at 12:00pm PT. During this early access period, Phoenix Labs will continue to collect feedback and develop the world of Dauntless as a fun, challenging, and highly rewarding experience. The Closed Beta will build upon Dauntless’ live service, delivering regular updates that hone and expand the gameplay experience. Slayers can look forward to new content including Behemoths, weapons and armor, islands, story expansions and much more in the Closed Beta and beyond.”

The closed beta is the stage following the founder’s alpha, meaning you can get right in with one of the higher-tier packs. Launch is still expected for 2017. We’re checking out the game at PAX, so stay tuned for more, and have a look at the brand-new trailer below.

Source: Press release

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I’m confused…is this like a children’s version of Monster Hunter? Because graphically and aesthetically it looks more childish than Monster Hunter. Kind of weird.

Also the game looks incredibly, boringly empty. No other creatures, no other people. Just 4 players fighting a giant monster. Hmmm, where have I seen that before? Oh where oh where…


Yeah…it’s basically a Monster Hunter clone. I ain’t going to complain. Monster Hunter should have been brought to PC years ago but instead it’s always been stuck on inferior consoles or handheld systems. Now we have Monster Hunter Worlds coming which I think is going to blow Dauntless out of the water when it lands, but…Dauntless is still quite a bit of fun none the less.

Dug From The Earth

Its Free 2 play, which means:

– Want more than 6 boss variations to hunt? Pay $9.99 for each new boss variation!
– Want different zones to hunt in? Pay $14.99 to unlock each new zone/biome.
– Want smaller, non-boss enemies to fight? Pay $29.99 to unlock the Creature Hunter Pack.

etc etc.

Unless you REALLY love the art style of this game (not sayings its good or bad), if you plan on dropping cash on a monster hunting game, you are probably better off just buying Monster Hunter World. Its got 3+ games worth of experience in the genre already, and is much MUCH more feature rich and content filled.


I had not heard of Monster Hunter World but seeing a hunter swing a bag pipe around on a giant stick to buff people and knock large beasts about has sold me immediately

Kickstarter Donor

So what is the big deal going from Alpha to Beta stages for this game? Traditionally Development teams push a huge content and bug fixes patch out to praise about it. I see nothing like that here. Also, still 4 weapons? MHW is going to crush this game if they don’t pick up the pace.

Vice Vandal

The alpha was pretty bad, I don’t think I’ll be back for the beta. You can’t compete with real Monster Hunter likes with such a simple combat system and barebone crafting system.