Wizard101 and Pirate101 weather DDOS attacks

If you have tried to log in and play Wizard101 or Pirate101 in the past 24 hours, you may have experienced disappointment as the game services informed you that it was down. This is due to some nasty DDoS attacks that have been targeting KingsIsle’s games, according to the studio.

“Since yesterday, KingsIsle has been mitigating severe DDOS attacks against our games Pirate101 and Wizard101,” KingsIsle reported. “This means your game play will be impacted until we can resolve the issue. Many will be unable to log in. We have always taken care of our community when trouble arrives, and we will be sure to do so again once the issue has been fully resolved.”

It looks as though some service has been restored to both games, although it doesn’t sound as if the attack is over.

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Don Nascimento

Okay really? these are kids games.. is there no honor in hackers?


Yeah, kids and families, Grandma playing alongside the kids. Although they do still have loot boxes with poor draw rates. Loot boxes make people angry.

Although it’s never usually okay to do this as it affects too many other people, I’d still want to hear the reason why the person was doing it. If it was just to show off their ability to run a program someone else made, they need to go find a different game set to pick on.

This kind of stuff affects too many fellow players and it’s not okay to do (feels ridiculous to say I know, like telling people jamming a sharp pencil in your ear is a bad idea, this should be obvious). There surely are numerous hackers who do have honor, but DDoS attacks on a kids and families game… whoever is doing this is pretty low.


Anyone have knowledge about this subject? i feel DDOS attacks these days are different than what i know 10-15 years ago, in the past it was people doing it for fun, today i feel people doing it for profit, just a hunch, i’m i right here?

Of all games to attack, why 101 games?

Kickstarter Donor

I sometimes question these days if they really have a reason for doing it. That hacker’ish ego is still alive and kicking I’m sure. Could be as simple as a peron/group trying to add another notch to their proverbial gun belt or to add the first to it, right of passage/peer approval type thing.

Nick Smith

I thought the same thing Minimalist.

Sigh… hackers, please leave this studio alone. They make fun games that kids play too.


DDOS attacks used to be as simple as writing a script on a single computer or even spamming the refresh button. These days though they need to be a lot more sophisticated and rely on botnets. There’s a cost to that. It’s not much. I looked it up the last time MOP reported on a DDOS attack, it’s only a few dollars to launch one.

But even with the low cost, I doubt it’s just for fun. And profit I doubt too. After all most victims of a DDOS don’t pay a ransom.

I tend to think it’s more of a ‘revenge’ thing for some perceived slight.

Perhaps they were banned and thought they’d try and ruin everyone else’s fun.