Dark and Light teases its ‘mysterious’ autumn update


Giant cyclopes, mounted combat, and foreboding mountain climbs: What might Dark and Light have in mind for its first major content update? The details aren’t revealed, but the team did release a one-minute trailer for The Mysteries of Blackice Peaks, an update that’s scheduled for this fall.

While we chew over that trailer and wait for the patch to go live, the latest edition of the Archos Herald is up with some discussion over the rolled-back-and-released patch from this past week.

“With this patch, we are working on many issues in Archos that should help improve the overall quality of life for adventurers,” the team wrote. “We have also been looking at our taming system, and we’ve adjusted the difficulty of some creatures out in Archos. With the larger, more mythical creatures, we want it to be a bit more of a challenge, and have the resources required to tame match the strength of the creature. With that being said, we have adjusted the base stat gain after taming to reward adventurers on their success.”

See what mysteries you can glean from the short trailer below!

Source: Steam, YouTube

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