PAX West 2017: Ship of Heroes’ demo trailer outlines testing for 2017 and 2018


During the superhero MMO panel last night, Ship of Heroes’ CEO, Casey McGeever, demoed the game in a new trailer that heralded several announcements for the game: It’s planning a character creator alpha for September, an “escorted combat” alpha for December, and beta testing of raids for June of 2018.

The video jumps around a bit, including a flythrough of the second and heavily updated version of Apotheosis City, a look at combat, and a tour of the character customization with its “three base character models and countless morphs.”

Ship of Heroes breaks with the clichés of games these days – their city is neither post-apocalyptic, nor set in a dystopian future,” Heroic Games says. “Instead it is a beautiful yet dangerous place, safeguarded by superheroes.”

We’ll have more on Ship of Heroes from PAX after our chat at the con later today; in the meantime, the game’s PAX trailer is below.

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Dug From The Earth

Maybe im just not that desperate to see CoH reborn? I mean, I loved CoH, and Im a total super hero geek. All these super hero mmo games in development however only make me wince.

Ship of Heroes is by far the best looking (visually) so far, but even saying that, I dont want to put it up on a level that its not actually on. This game still looks like a college students 3d animation project. I know I know… bring on the “Its only alpha” comments. Amateur work is still amateur work. Going from alpha, to beta, to release, isnt going to make the animators, 3d model artists suddenly “Get better” at what they are trying to do.


Looking really good.

This definitely gives me the supers feelz.

Keep it up yall!


What about City Of Heroes?

Indigo Salma


Does not check email

Dead dead