Perpetuum ends active development, eyes private servers


It’s both an end and a beginning for Perpetuum Online.

The team announced on September 3rd that it is no longer actively developing for the sci-fi sandbox MMORPG: “So you haven’t heard from us in a long time, and the reason for that probably became more and more obvious with time: I’m sorry to inform you that Perpetuum is not actively developed anymore […] We knew from the start that Perpetuum will be a niche game and we were cool with it. But even considering that, it never really got off.”

Calling the game’s development history a “catch-22,” the team said that a lack of a publisher and low population numbers led to little money available to expand the game’s foundation, which resulted in fewer players over time, and so on it went.

The team’s pride in its creation and its recognition of a loyal community means that the studio won’t let Perpetuum Online die outright. The official server is going to be kept online for the time being, and work is being done to create a free “standalone server solution” so that players can run and even develop for their own games.

In the meantime, premium currency and DLC has been discontinued from the main server, and Perpetuum Online will only be available through Steam from now on to ensure the availability of the title.

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