OrbusVR is bringing market stalls and messages to its second closed beta

Such value!

Thus far when playing OrbusVR, players have had no ability to send private messages to one another. As a result, you’ve had to rely on context clues; perhaps your friend is running toward you screaming while brandishing a sword because she’s bringing you a free sword and she’s very excited. When the game’s second closed beta starts up, though, she’ll be able to send you a quick message to let you know ahead of time that she’s doing a new cardio routine requiring her to run and scream, and the sword is a good weight to use when it’s over her head.

Players will be able to send private messages to friends or Fellowship members, with Fellowships also getting added to the game (if you’re thinking that sounds like a guild by another name, good job). There’s also new market stall functionality, so NPCs run by players can just sell you stuff and you can buy it. And if dealing with a merchant’s prices cause you to subsequently run around screaming with a sword over your head, well, you can send messages about that.


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Melissa McDonald

I wonder how this works with the new visors from Dell, Asus, Acer, Lenovo, and HP. They are also compatible with Windows Holographic for mixed-reality apps in a partnership with Microsoft. Reviews have been good, they are lighter and more comfortable than the previous generation, and the controllers seem to work well. They feature their own room presence sensors without need for an external sensor device or array. Even so, I consider those more 1.1 generation than 2.0.