PAX West 2017: Watch the full Ashes of Creation panel


This past weekend at PAX West, Ashes of Creation made sure to drop a few announcement bombs on its community that showed up to check out and support the game. The biggest of these, of course, was the dating of the “Alpha Zero” test for this December 15th.

But is that test and date pushing it too much for this team? Apparently not, according to Intrepid Studios. The team showed up for an hour-long panel to discuss the MMO’s development, and said that preparing the PAX West demo proved that they had the pace and know-how to get a more robust version of the game ready for later this year.

There’s a lot to take in with the panel, so we’ve got that for you after the break. As a bonus, why not check out some PvE gameplay focused on taking in Ashes of Creation? You didn’t need to do anything else productive today!


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Duey Bear

They just need to change the tank name to: “Soldier”, equally generic to tank, but more suitable for fantasy. I recognize the class combos will probably have their own names though.

Oleg Chebeneev

Before I said that videos from AoC gave me “meh” feeling since nothing in it was impressive or even stood out. Here is MMO youtuber whose opinion I respect who actually played AoC on PAX and he just confirms my feelings about this game.

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Fevir says ‘meh’ a lot in the video but he gives tons of non-meh hot-or-cold examples (i.e. nothing ‘meh’). I liked his comments and thoughts but wonder why he thinks that his experience equals ‘meh’…


It looked awesome at reveal before….

….but this PAX footage looks like a standard, generic MMORPG without anything special to it. If the dynamic aspects hold out, however, it will play right into what EQ:N was supposed to be.


Amazing progress. They may beat Pantheon and most certainly Chronicles of Elyria out the door.


What did you say about Chronicles of Elyria from our beloved God-Emperor Caspian?


Not sure what i should think of the panel. Information there was not so much since half of the panel they only introduced themselfes. It´s pretty clear that Steven Sharif was in marketing / sales prior, he dodged a lot of questions with quite some elegance. For me it seems that AoC will trying to please anybody, the PvE´ers, the PvP´ers, the solo guys, the group focused players etc. etc., hopefully not to an extent where the game will become a jack of all trades that does nothing really good. We will see.

What i was impressed by was the graphics and the animations for the time they are working on the game, they looked presentable. The combat system imho is nothing special, looks like a bit of GW2 and a bit of ESO but if it is responsive enough it may be fun to play. The only thing i am really concerned off are the spell effects and the general visual splatter on screen. In large scale battles this can cause severe performance issues, i hope that this is a top priority for the studio.

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Ashfyn Ninegold

Wow. Great combat footage. Looks stunning for pre-alpha.