Albion Online alters resource respawns and rune rewards


Resources matter in Albion Online, and major changes to the respawn rates of resources is going to shake up the game’s economy significantly. The latest patch to the game (live today) doesn’t get a new name, but it does significantly alter the respawns of all higher-tier resources. Tier 2 and Tier 3 resources have had their respawn rates reduced to pre-launch numbers, while Tier 4 resources have rates slightly above the original resources. That’s going to alter the game’s makeup pretty significantly.

Of course, players are also going to be dealing with runes and souls dropping from chests at five times their previous rates, so that’s going to alter things even further. The patch also will prevent people traveling to the Outlands and then teleporting right back from retaining any region or portal locks; you’ll have to remain there for at least a minute. Add in the usual array of bug fixes, and voila, you have a small patch that will probably have significant effects upon the game as a whole.


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They really blew it putting these notes up but not mentioning that the chest spawn timers have nearly quadrupled. They call it a “fix” but the information has been hidden.

They are effectively wiping out any reasonable alternative means of generating silver for the small group players besides gathering.

SBI is really doing a number on their game and population here.

Once the lag had been fixed, they were able to buckle down on the real issues.
Not enough people buying gold, apparently.

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Alfredo Garcia

I don’t find that surprising. Everyone I’ve talked to, from gatherers to crafters to large guild PvPers, generally agree that there’s not enough game there to entice them to pay for premium status with cash. The game isn’t bad it’s just fairly basic, lacking in dynamics that can give rise to a lot of emergent game play. It would be nice if that ceases to be the case over the next few months as SBI adds content and additional systems.


And life without Premium is so restrictive that it’s not worth playing without Premium so if you can’t make your premium in game at this point most just end up walking away.


Yeah, the game really lacks content.

People like to throw out the “it’s a sandbox, the player creates the content” but you can only do so much ganking and donkey racing or whatever the hell before you realize there really isnt that much to do.

It’s a game that seems to build around and try to focus on 5v5 competitive play, but s it is now the game benefits zergs, large guilds and alliances far too much. Smaller groups are completely gated out of things.

Lot’s to work on for them, I’ll keep playing to see the next patch but honestly I might have to come check it back out in another year or so (even though I bought in years ago during alpha/beta) and see what’s changed..