Blade & Soul is revamping crafting in the Rise of the Gunslinger patch

What are you expecting for Blade & Soul’s Rise of the Gunslinger patch? Probably mostly gunslinging, possibly a strained Stephen King reference or two? But the patch has more than just guns and the slinging thereof, as you’ll also have the option of jumping in with a new set of crafting revamps. Players will be able to have three tasks for each guild and be able to reach level five for each guild, complete with several streamlined recipes alongside many new ones.

This also goes hand-in-hand with removing the gathering guilds from the game and making gathering a more direct task. Quartz and Spring Water are also being removed from the game to further streamline matters. If you’re uninterested in all of that and just want to sling some guns, don’t worry, there’s a collection of additional gunslinging-related screenshots just below. It’s almost like a craft.

Source: Official Site, NCsoft press release

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The crafting system in blade and soul has been one of the worse crafting systems I’ve ever experienced in an MMORPG. Glad to see they’re revamping it a bit by removing gathering guilds, but it may be best to just scrap the entire thing and implement a more traditional crafting/gathering system. As it was when I played, the bots camped out any gathering spots (which were extremely sparce), the crafting itself felt more like a mobile game where after you get a resource you have to wait a ridiculous amount of time to actually get the finished product (as your character doesn’t craft it, rather they send the resources to be made into the item), and all of this lead to inflated prices on components you needed to upgrade your weapon.

Were they trying to be different, or did they realize this would drive up the gold price on upgrade material and thus increase the sale of their premium currency, I’m not sure. Considering how flat and unimaginative it is, I lean toward the latter.

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Looking back, it’s just unbelievable that the devs think the quartz and water nodes won’t be horribly abused by bots. I’m glad they are gone now and hopefully the overall arbitrary complexity of the entire crafting system is reduced with removing gathering guilds. I doubt that’ll hinder inflation though.


This was why I stopped playing the game. It got to a point where it was too expensive to level my weapon, even crafting the components myself.