Dark and Light apologizes for rollbacks following the ice caves patch

Dark and Light apologizes for rollbacks following the ice caves patch

Nobody wants to see the word “rollback” associated with a game, including the designers. You can tell that the staff behind Dark and Light isn’t exactly wild about saying that its most recent patch resulted in some rollbacks, either. Nor is the staff happy about the fact that the patch and the ensuing rollback was made worse by poor communication. Basically, as annoyed as the players are, they’re not happy with how they handled things either. That’s the real takeaway here.

“We know that we haven’t been very good being transparent with our community when it comes to our updates, and we apologize,” says one of the lead producers. “When we first started working on the Ice Caves, we were nervous on how it would turn out. But as we came closer and closer to the release date, the nervousness turned into excitement. We wanted to see the kinds of strategies that players would come up with traversing the cave and defeating the powerful enemies inside. When the release date came around, a few critical issues came up that made the game virtually unplayable. As much as we wanted to push new content out, we wanted to make sure it was also playable, would preserve player data, as well as live up to the standard of quality that we aim to meet.”

In essence, the patch was pushed live just before a critical bug was discovered, and while the staff knew it wasn’t quite ready there was a push to move it live anyway. The good news is that the actual fully functional patch should be on the live servers in the very near future and there are support threads for players experiencing issues following the rollback.

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They are in alpha. There are lots of internal issues with how it’s built. The cycle isn’t going as planned. Enough about the developer, let’s discuss the game…

Really though, Suzhou Snail Digital Technology Co., Ltd. a 100% Chinese developer. QA, player support and communication have never been strong points in that gaming culture.