WildStar doubles-down on housing with today’s Homecoming update

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Don’t change that channel, kiddos: It’s time for the WildStar patch show! On today’s episode, “Homecoming,” the planet of Nexus gets overtaken by redecoration fever, and spontaneous communities crop up all over the place.

Homecoming’s crown jewel is the long-anticipated, much-discussed feature that allows several players to band together to build homes and other creations on a shared island. To continue with the theme of housing, there’s a new monthly residential renovation event that panders to decorators with themed tasks and decor rewards.

And to cap all of this housing craziness off, the update triggers the beginning of a collaborative contest: “The Community Showdown is the preeminent competition for seasoned architects, landscapers, and interior designers to flaunt your elite skills and let vanity be thy true tape measure. But this isn’t your mama’s House of Haunts contest. This time, through the foundation of a community, you’re in it to win it with a full five conjoined housing plots fashioned to elegant perfection!”

Source: Patch notes
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