Absolver struggles with server stability in the wake of its successful launch


Success can be a double-edged sword, especially if one isn’t prepared for it. Developer Sloclap is discovering this over the past week, as its popular multiplayer brawler Absolver is being crushed under the weight of players attempting to log in and enjoy the new title.

The biggest issues since launch concern server instability, lag, and connectivity, with some players simply unable to log into the game (and in fact, Polygon notes that Oceania servers weren’t even turned on until later).

“Overall game stability is the top priority here,” said the developer on Twitter Monday. “We apologize for the online issues you are encountering.”

Absolver has been regularly patching in an attempt to shore up the game before the launch crowd grows too impatient and quits (or worse, demands a refund). Other issues that the team is attempting to resolve include corrupted saves on the PlayStation 4 and allowing players to break through regional locks to hang out with friends.

Source: Polygon

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I bought this because the mechanics looked fun and it is mostly focused around 1v1 pvp but their servers being such a mess made it hard to play. It really hurt their steam reviews too, and I’m worried the community won’t stick around.


Ok I got an off the wall idea, how about you only sell as many copies as you have server capacity for? Trust me a sense of exclusivity is not bad for sales.