Secret World Legends’ raid update and Manhattan Exclusion zone are now live

Level 50 Secret World Legends folks, get ready to raid… again. Funcom’s just released the New York raid to the relaunched and retooled MMO.

“The Manhattan Exclusion zone is now available for daring agents seeking thrills and danger! Also known as New York Raid or simply NYR, [it tasks you] with neutralizing big trouble in the Big Apple. In keeping with our commitment to allow everyone to experience Secret World Legends’ story, the raid features multiple difficulty levels so players of all backgrounds have an opportunity to defeat the Unutterable Lurker, the massive foe encountered at the end of the tutorial mission.”

Rewards include achievements, weapons, talismans, minipets, and outfits.

“Earning rewards from the raid does not require any keys nor tokens, but does have a timed lockout,” Funcom notes. “Patronage does not affect this lockout timer. Players are currently agitating against those cooldown timers; we covered that issue earlier today. Check out the trailer below!

Source: Official site, patch notes, press release
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