Leaderboard: Are you playing Destiny 2?


I was super worried about losing my whole guild to Destiny 2’s PC beta last week, but after the beta fling, they’re back to chattering about Guild Wars 2 and plotting adventures there. I’m not sure it’s a slam on Destiny 2, either, just that we’re chiefly PC fans, so the console launch isn’t much of a draw, and the PC launch is still almost two months off. Meanwhile, Guild Wars 2 is very much live, with an expansion just a few weeks away.

For today’s Leaderboard, let’s see whether you’re like my guildies — are you playing Destiny 2?

Are you playing Destiny 2?

  • I am or will shortly be playing Destiny 2 on console. (15%, 57 Votes)
  • I will playing Destiny 2 on PC at launch in October. (37%, 143 Votes)
  • I am undecided about playing Destiny 2 right now. (23%, 88 Votes)
  • I am definitely not playing Destiny 2 on any platform. (22%, 85 Votes)
  • No response / elf butts / view results (4%, 14 Votes)

Total Voters: 387

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Troy Leatherman

I will be playing it on the PC, but only because I got it with WoW gold through the token process. I did play Destiny 1 on the PS4 While I did enjoy my time there while my friends also played, the fact that I knew next to nothing about Destiny after many hours of play since the story wasn’t really in the game like it should have been at launch, I had no desire to go back. But since I’m essentially getting it for free, what they hell, why not. Can’t be disappointed at this point by anything lol


Not for me.

First, it’s not an MMO. Second, not out yet on PC. Third, the first Destiny sounded pretty awful and it looks like they’re sticking to a similar formula for the new one.

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Yep, little bit, finished the story and now on the gear grind, think it will be a while till my friends are even close to being ready for the raid so I am not in a huge rush

Basically switching between Destiny 2 grind and Elite Dangerous grind haha, what a time to be alive :D




No. I am not playing it. I do not consider it to be a true MMO, much less an MMORPG.


Playing console right now with one group of friends and I will no doubt play the PC version with another. I’ll pick one to main though depending on who wants to keep playing. Sometimes my friends can be pretty fickle.

Malcolm Swoboda

Undecided. Strikes against it are that I already got my chosen shooter for now (MEA, while I do SP of it at least), and that D2 isn’t really that compelling looking of a title to me (but more than D1), and that there is no strong D1 gameplay recap (game or D2 mode) for PC players and I prefer to start ‘from the beginning’. Points for it are that I had some fun in a preview, I would be good with joining friends if they’re playing, and there’s more story this time (meh as it might be). Summary: drag me into it, and I’ll sigh and try it out, ha.

Pedge Jameson

I find it reprehensible the garbage they have pulled with their loot boxes . Are you not covering that part?

Oleg Chebeneev

Too busy playing other games. Im more excited for Divinity Original Sin2 and now replaying first one in preparation.

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Jack Pipsam

Waiting to see how many of my friends play on PC.