PAX West 2017: Taking a closer look at En Masse’s Closers

When I visited the En Masse offices during PAX West, it was a crash course in learning how to use a controller — which I haven’t picked up in years — as I was introduced to Closers, an episodic anime online RPG. The game has five different characters players can choose from from the Black Lambs, each with its own personality and dialogue with all the NPCs. For my hands-on, I played Seha (a melee swordsman), but there is also Sylvi, Yuri, Misteltein, and J.

Devs noted that the story of Closers is very important; the game itself is story-driven. The characters are all teens with psychic abilities brought together as a team to fight back the interdimensional monsters that are pouring into New Seoul (Old Seoul was devastated during the last invasion) through portals.

These portals, of course, need closing.

As unfamiliar as I was with the controller and all the controls, the game was easy to pick up and get into. While there are town hubs to wander around a bit and pick up missions, the missions themselves are in classic arcade side-scroller form; you charge ahead on a linear field and clear each stage. Through each stage that you clear, you get ranked in three different categories: time, defense, and tactics.

“The faster you clear, the less damage you take while clearing, and the cooler, flashier you look doing it raise your score,” the studio reps told me.

You can also chain various attacks together; indeed, pulling a group of monsters into me and blasting them all with flashy moves (some which happen in slow-mo for effect) was satisfying. Battles were quick with lots of movement.

Would I play Closers again when alpha comes out? Sure I will. I just might need to get a controller!

Massively Overpowered was on the ground in Seattle for PAX West 2017, bringing you expert MMO coverage on Ashes of Creation, Ship of Heroes, Dual Universe, and everything else on display at the latest Penny Arcade Expo!
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