Skysaga might not be completely down and out

Skysaga might not be completely down and out

Many players, including some of those here at Massively OP, were crushed to hear last month that the colorful MMO Skysaga had to shut down development due to its publisher pulling out of the deal. While the game wasn’t canceled outright, it certainly looked dire for the project, and developer Radiant Worlds said that it had to lay off a great deal of its staff.

But is there hope for the beleaguered title? While it is wise to be wary of false hope, there might be a glimmer of a path forward for Skysaga. Yesterday, the team posed a cryptic note to the game’s Facebook page, saying, “Please note that the beta pre-registration and few website functions will be temporarily disabled as we are working on some changes.” The official site also changed its beta registration banner to a note that stated, “Stay tuned for more updates!”

The community is understandably confused, anxious, and cautiously excited, begging the studio to come out and share more information. We’re going to keep our ear to the ground on this one and cross our fingers that Skysaga has found a way to continue development even after being dealt that critical financial blow.

Source: Facebook. Thanks Saryent!

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Lieutenant BaconWaffles

SmileGate shut down Trickster Online & it’s back now (though under a different publisher), so I have hope.

I GET that Radiant Worlds was in alpha waaay too long & that they weren’t making any revenue at all.

But still…. That feeling of SmileGate being a seed or ovary doner, Radiant Worlds being a surrogate mother, the game being the baby, & IP rights being DNA…. If the carrier & the biological parent ever go into a fight over who should keep the baby, I’m going to side with the one who carried it for 9 months.


Smilegate, the publisher, had stated in conjunction with the development freeze that they plan to get the game still released. It was the contract between Radiant Worlds and Smilegate that had been terminated.
And realistically: with 4 years alpha and a studio of over 100 people while comparably little happened in terms of development over the last year and benefits including “interest free loans” advertised by Radiant World I’m not too surprised that Smilegate said it is enough, this isn’t going fast enough.


Hope it is saved. It’s fun.

Silver Squirrel

Yep, I’m really routing for this one as well. I spent hours building and I was very excited about creating quests with some of the lumostone options. They’d even (finally) added vegetation!
Fingers, toes and eyes crossed.

Kickstarter Donor

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this little title. It was far and away more fun to play Skysaga in Alpha than my Founder’s Pack in Landmark! It wasn’t really clear from the forums but I think Radiant Worlds may not have owed the IP. It would be great RW could acquire it and then go forward.

Indigo Salma

Please bring it back. Even as an early access game , the game has so much content in it already , i’l gladly pay for it. Just dont close something i finally found so much fun.