TERA brings a roll of the dungeon dice with its next update on September 12

Roll away your dice.
Good luck with the next dungeon arriving in TERA on September 12th. You’ll need it, because the new Demon’s Wheel dungeon is all about luck. Seriously. You’ll be heading in to deal with the bosses after you find out that people are gambling away everything, and in order to deal with the bosses you’ll fight them… with gambling.

Bandersnatch sends out explosions that require players to know his patterns ahead of time, something that can be determined by talking to the residents of the shantytown for hints. Demoros, meanwhile, is not a boss you can kill; you have to beat him by rolling the dice and collecting coins that rain from above. The dungeon is available for players above item level 423, so get ready to take a chance and hope luck is on your side when you face the new dungeon next week.

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