ArcheAge recovers from server merges, re-activates housing

In the tumultuous annals of ArcheAge, this month’s server merge might be remembered most for… being pretty smooth, overall. As the team brought the new servers online, players noted that things weren’t quite as bad as expected. Kind of the opposite, in fact.

Trion Worlds did hold off on unlocking housing for a time while it worked out a few kinks with missing items that didn’t make the server jump. As of this writing, both North American and European realms have seen their housing restrictions unlocked, opening up the new realms for colonization.

The team said that it’s working on fixing some other problems: “There are also issues we’re still working on, such as not being able to move after being kicked by the AFK timer, your average guild gearscore dropping whenever a new member is added, and disappearing UCCs on Eanna.”

The server merge — or “evolution” as the studio preferred to label it — condensed 12 shards across North America and Europe down to only four realms.


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Shiro Madoushi

Server merges are complete. Now they can launch new fresh start servers. It’s easy for Trion to forget that those legacy servers and freshly merged servers are still struggling with population. Fresh Start servers steal players from legacy servers, but Trion doesn’t care because they can sell them old cash shop items again.

Kickstarter Donor

There are also issues we’re still working on, such as your average guild gearscore dropping whenever a new member is added

Easy fix—stop inviting scrubs.

Daniel Miller

Hashtag :) But like you I have lived through two revolutions. My biggest issue you didn’t address. It is knowing their is an evolution. And all the land you had, all the weekly taxes, all the cost in building that house, and farm. Gone.

Its like the house resets itself over and over and well am to old t do it a third time vs try something new.

So many new games, current games to play a casino game.

first merger I had nice plots in hasla, second merger 1/2 of mermaids tear island. This time, no heart to redo it again.


Yep same. No more.