Lost Ark releases a trailer for its second closed beta

This is different.

We’re going to lead off with the bad news: Lost Ark is currently planning its release in South Korea and China in 2018 with no real word on a localized version for here just yet. So keep that in mind while you watch the eight-minute trailer below. If it all looks enticing and interesting to you, well, you don’t know when you’ll get to experience it in a language that you actually speak. So you may have to go your whole life without getting to play music with a group beautiful enough that it attracts a rampaging owlbear to sit down and listen happily.

Of course, having typed that line, you probably have to see what the heck is actually in this trailer. There’s a lot of more standard stuff in there, too, like sailing across the ocean, exploring ruins, and creeping through dangerous areas filled with monsters… but there’s also the aforementioned “singing and gathering woodland creatures” bit. So perhaps you out to just check it out to see everything being added to the game for its second closed beta test.

Source: MMO Culture

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TBH you could have at least linked the original video instead of a reupload from those video-stealing-mofos.
Yes, they stole some of my videos and deleted my comments pointing that out.

Oleg Chebeneev

The video gave me nerdgasm. After all the mediocrity that western developers throw at us, its splendid to see such gem from the East. Lost Ark was in my Top3 most anticipated MMOs for years now, but they brought the hype again with this trailer.
We need a top notch western publisher for this game.

Daniel Miller

Got two keys for this.


pm me at hummin3d at hotmail dot com, I’d love to get one.

Dug From The Earth

If diablo was star citizen, this would be it.