Ubisoft announces hypercute retro-arena shooter Atomega


Ubisoft announced a brand-new multiplayer arena shooter today: It’s called Atomega, and it’s adorable, at least if you’re into retro 3-D graphics and robots. The substudio behind the title also built Grow Home and Grow Up, so expectations are high. Probably the most intriguing part is that it’s a shooter where you can win without being a total murder hobo.

“The player must acquire mass, by peacefully collecting it or via firefights, to evolve his Exoform from the nimble Atom to the godlike Omega. Competing for mass, players engage in a frantic battle for supremacy through intense 10-minute rounds, gathering up to eight players. Acquiring mass also grants points and the player with the most points at the end of the round wins. It is a relentlessly competitive experience, an easy to pick-up but hard to master game, with a light-hearted tone echoing the personality of its small development team.”

Like what you hear? You won’t have a long wait: It launches for PC next week on September 19th for the equivalent of €10. Check out the trailer!

Source: Press release, Steam

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Ubisoft: WTF are you doing? I mean, come on! Your name holds little weight with gamers after many blunders and dreaded DRM choices in the past. Now you’re trying to copy the indie scene, of which there are several dozens of these games already out there on Steam right now. Many having MORE than just 8 measly characters in a match. For same, Ubisoft, for shame!

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What indie games they copied? i would like to try them.

Mykal Quinn

This is very similar to any of the .io games. Starblast.io is the first one that comes to mind.