Dauntless patch 0.2.1 is all about improving stability and chat


Some patches don’t add much content, but they still make a game better. Dauntless patch 0.2.1 isn’t going to add much in the way of new game content, aside from the new model for the Skraev chain blades, and even that just looks different. But the technical improvements on the back end? Those are important.

For starters, characters will no longer see hunt chat while chilling in the city, and vice versa. Players will also be able to view system messages over the chat box for a short time, thus ensuring that any important announcements aren’t lost in the chat spam.

Equally important, players will get patches delivered in smaller chunks by the patcher, which should help improve stability and cause fewer issues with any connection problems. The patcher can also now link to outside sources, helping you get better information. So, all technical stuff, but the technical side is worth being happy about. And how about those new chain blades down below, huh?

Want to see more of Dauntless in action? We’ll be streaming it tonight on OPTV!

Source: Reddit