Crowfall adds armor racks and a dangerous beachhead


September looks to be busy for the Crowfall team, as it continues to expand the campaign world and its related testing process. This week, it triggered a small patch that should assist players in getting right to the fun: “Along with bug fixes, we added armor racks to streamline the process of getting geared up so you can jump right in.”

But that’s not all! Coming soonish to the game are several improvements and additions to the environment, including a new beachhead, ground vegetation, rocks, trees, and the like. Also moss! And better snow!

There are plenty of other changes coming, such as some spring cleaning for forts and eventual damage to enemies who spend too long hanging about their foe’s beachhead. The game’s environmental artist previewed these changes and took some questions from fans, all of which you can see below.

Source: Crowfall
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Wasn’t this game supposed to launch in 2017?

@Solaris “beta this fall” … fall starts literally next week (9/21) I’d be shocked if they went from pre alpha #72648 to beta in three months or less.

Krista Allen

Pre-Alpha 5? Really….let me know when this vaporware hits OB, before that, yawn.


Beta is this Fall. Game is very playable now. Not even close to vaporware. Multitudes of gameplay videos out there.

Krista Allen

Uh huh, we shall see….


Do you know what Vaporware is? It’s software or game that’s been announced and advertised but nothing’s been actually shown or nothing is playable.