The Division is hosting a free weekend for PC players starting today


Let’s introduce you to Trab. Trab is a PC gamer who really enjoys shooting things, so he’s looking forward to some other shooter that recently released on consoles, with a PC release coming later. What is Trab going to do for this weekend? Perhaps he’s going to jump in and play The Division’s free weekend, which is happening this weekend from September 14th through the 17th. There’s lots of stuff to shoot there, and Trab won’t have to wait for a later PC release.

If you’re in the same boat as Trab or just want to try before you buy the game, you can start pre-loading the game now, so you’ll be all charged up when the free weekend kicks off. Your progress will be saved if you buy the game, and there’s even a 60% discount if you buy from Ubisoft directly during the free weekend. That seems like a pretty good deal for anyone with a need to shoot something on PC.

Source: Steam page

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I had a lot of fun playing this game, and I would recommend that anyone interested take a look.

I played it essentially like a wide-ranging single-player game, which is entirely possible.

You only really encounter other players in the various resupply hubs around the city, unless you intentionally team up, or intentionally visit areas meant for group play. I stayed out of the “Dark Zone” (PvP area) and had a great time without it.

So long as the free weekend doesn’t bring out too many idiots, it should serve as a good look at what the game offers. It surprised me how much fun I got out of my playtime.

For whatever it might be worth,


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While I am not a big fan of “action” role-playing games, I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed my time on The Division. Would recommend it too.

Chronic Enigma
Chronic Enigma

Good game, i dropped it about 6 months to a year ago due to hitting 29 and not really much else to do. However with survival, underground, last stand, now 1.8 coming out. As well as gear sets, exotics and other things. I actually enjoy it way better. I play this and Path of Exlie for my lootsplosion. I played the beta for Destiny and well that will be collecting dust.

All in all, give this game a serious try right now, its in great shape. Then buy gold edition, totally worth it… though I wish it was a bit cheaper as the gold edition is the full game imo, and it being so old, the gold edition should be 60 not 80.