Check out Warframe’s MMO-ish Plains of Eidolon expansion reveal right now

Check out Warframe’s MMO-ish Plains of Eidolon expansion reveal right now
Back in July, Massively OP’s MJ Guthrie reported from TennoCon that Warframe is gearing up for a massive renovation dubbed Plains of Eidolon, an expansion that will almost certainly buff Warframe’s street cred with the MMORPG crowd.

“What I saw really takes Warframe in a new direction,” she wrote after her demo. “Plains of Eidolon adds a whole new dimension of player freedom. It brings a more MMORPG feel into the game – makes it more of a real world. Instead of just taking missions and teleporting to small instances, players will have the chance to explore the Warframe universe in open landscapes and meet the races they’ve been protecting for the last four years.” It’s not an open world, she explained, but it’s “the first step in that direction, incorporating elements such as NPCs, open adventure areas, and day/night cycles that influence the gameplay.”

Digital Extremes is revealing the expansion to everyone on today’s stream, which goes live as this post does at 2 p.m. EDT; you can watch it along with us below.

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Castagere Shaikura

was interested in this new expansion but lost interest really fast.

Dug From The Earth

John Crichton gives this expansion a “hell ya”

Robert Mann

But I just want to be able to use stealth instead of being forced to fight with guns blazing most of the time… *sigh* nope, still not giving me what I wanted out of Warframe. :(

Lily Cheng

The spy missions not doing it for you anymore huh?