Lord of the Rings Online invites players to test out two new dungeons

There was a bit of a problem with Lord of the Rings Online’s first attempt to test its next two dungeons on the test server. Combat music was causing the game to crash, which was most certainly not an intended feature of the design. But now that bug has been fixed, and players can log on to the test server to try out the Dungeons of Naerband and the Court of Seregost.

The Dungeons of Naerband (yes, it’s one dungeon) will require a full fellowship, while the Court of Sergost requires a light fellowship. These dungeons are the focus of this weekend’s testing, so the developers are eager for feedback about how the dungeons feel to play and how they’re tuned. If you already tried to jump in once and had issues, you can be assured that those issues should now be fixed, and if you encounter any other problems… well, that’s the point of testing, isn’t it?


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Paarthurnax Dragonhearth

Please someone make a real MMO out of LOTR ….. kill this piece of crap ……


I’m a returning player from release, game seems fun again, but trying to smash though the 546372546372 expansion pay walls seems a bit much. Figuring out what I need to purchase is so convoluted it’s a wonder anyone new actually picks up the game past the first pay wall.

Subscribing still doesn’t give you access to the expansions either, it reminds me of Sony’s F2P version of EQ2 when it first released. pay us $15 then pay us $100 for the expansions! Want storage? pay us more!

Just look at the expansion list and lol…


Bryan Turner

They should be bundled together with Mordor, come to think of it I don’t know where your getting your EQ info from but I remember back before F2P I bought a standard edition EQ2 Expansion and all the previous content was bundled as well.


Yup, like you said, before F2P hit, now you get to sub and pay for 3-4 expansions before you get to see end-game content.