Asheron’s Call emulator lead explains what went down with the cease-and-desist


What are lawyers good for? Pouring lemon juice on the open wounds of an MMO community desperately trying to hold on to the remnant of their closed game, apparently.

The closure of at least one Asheron’s Call emulator earlier this month was confirmed this week to be what many assumed: a cease-and-desist letter from Warner Bros. One of the main forces behind the emulator projects, a player named Pea, posted an account stating how he initially wrote to WB about the game’s closure and his growing involvement in the emulator scene.

Pea noted that prior the game’s shutdown, Turbine had released some information about the client that made creating emulators “significantly easier” from fans. He also assumed that WB did not care about the Asheron’s Call franchise and had abandoned it, which fed into the emulator projects taking root.

This was all squashed by the C&D notice earlier this month, which triggered a shutdown of one of the emulators, a takedown of Asheron’s Call videos detailing the project, and communication with other emulator operators about the lawyer brigade possibly heading their way.

If you’re holding out hope that this C&D means that Turbine is doing something, anything with this property, especially given that the company renewed its AC domain names earlier this year, Pea said that he has no inside info: “I have no knowledge of any intentions on their part to do anything with Asheron’s Call, and as far as I know, the contact I received was purely a standard operating procedure for a corporation concerning one of its properties, even if it logically doesn’t make sense.”

Source: Imgur. Cheers, Matthew.

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Zeke Buzby

I for one love this game and I remember something about a promise made to let people who had accounts to run their own servers back when they where twylighting. If anyone ever takes on the challenge again I would love to see a graphically revamped version of the old game. I’ve been playing games since Wizardry Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord was a popular game. Ashron’s call is my all time favorite system for character advancement and play ability.

Michael Woodford

so….i don’t get why no one is making a private server with a vpn that is based over sea’s? i mean there has been wow private servers that have existed since nearly the time wow was first released. so…i mean it shouldn’t be all that hard to create something like that.

Michael Peel

Turbine/WB sold us a 50 year license subscription to Asheron’s call and promised that the servers would never come down as well as Private person servers. It would seem that after they got as much money as that they thought they would get for this bait and switch they shut the servers down, and gave the Asheron’s call players the big middle finger. WB is only planning on using the IP as a tax write off so why would they care if someone makes an EMU for this game. It is just a sad day when companies start thinking that they no longer have to listen to the very people that pay their bills. It would seem that they must think that they know better on what the consumer wants than that of the consumer.

Matt Ogle

Thanks for posting this article. Just wanted to comment to let you know there are many in the AC community who are still following with great interest and even actively working to get our game back. Save Asheron’s Call!

Bob Satori

Few Asheron’s Call players would be interested in an AC3. They didn’t migrate to AC2, after all, but kept playing the original for almost two decades. If WB/Turbine launched the legacy servers again, though, they’d get most of that audience back. Sure, it is a small audience, and the company clearly doesn’t care about such numbers even if they could keep enough cash flowing to pay the bills, but that is the situation. This IP, apart from the original game, has little value.

What is extra sad is that Turbine rescued Asheron’s Call from the same fate when Microsoft would have shut the doors long ago, only to see Warner — who never invested a dime into the development of the game — pull this dick move now that they’ve acquired it among other company assets.

David Orland

If their goal is to make people hate Warner Brothers, they’re on the right track.
Until they rectify this unethical behavior by permitting private servers or emulators, or bringing the Asheron’s Call servers back online, I’ll never pay for another Warner Brothers product, and I’ll go out of my way to let other people know why they too should not support Warner Brothers.

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Jack Pipsam

Joys of copyright law.


If they did intend to do anything with the properties, I think letting the fans run a fan emulator keeps interest about the property alive. Absence may make the heart grow fonder in the short term, but in the long term it makes the heart forget and move on.

A Dad Supreme

*insert random DeForest Kelly pic