Dark and Light vows to squash early access bugs


Early access or no, players expect their games to work right when they’re shelling out money for them. The developers of the reworked Dark and Light are cognizant of this fact, and as such are working hard on a build to eliminate some of the more serious bugs that have been dragging down the game experience in its testing phase.

One of the more notorious issues is the “black screen bug” that continues to keep some players from entering the game itself. Other bug fixes include help with taming Nidhogs and Goblins, preserving data for soul stones, and retaining donation totals for vendors.

“As an early access game, we’re expecting to face a number of bugs ranging from minor to severe — with new content, new bugs are bound to show up as well,” the team said. “Our main focus is to try and make Dark and Light the best experience possible, both in terms of content and stability. We’re working to tweak existing content, like the exceedingly-difficult Ice Cave, while fixing bugs and creating new, exciting content to keep Archos’s Adventurers busy for a long time.”

Curious whether Dark and Light is worth playing (and paying)? Check out one player’s impressions after the break!


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Paarthurnax Dragonhearth

Wow ! …. -_-

Are they new to how GAMES work or do they like to state the obvious…. Next Messages would be …. We are planing to keep charging you for Early Access ! ….. And … The game will require a working PC ! -_- ….


Isn’t still in TESTING phase? Isn’t that normally when bugs are addressed?
I mean, wouldn’t it be more likely news if they weren’t planning on trying to fix bugs in their product?


Shane C. Sargent

Although his first impression video was really funny, it also is not accurate of the current state of the game. Snail actually makes frequent updates that improve performance and enhance play-ability. All that desink that was demoed while he was fighting is virtually gone, I havent had combat desink like that in weeks. For a game that is pretty much still in Alpha, and only just launched in early access, there is a ton to do and Im looking forward to what more there is to come as the devs have stated that the game is only about 30% complete.


Of course it’s not accurate. It becomes inaccurate the moment a patch is released. It was a first impression and I think that it serves a good point. If THIS is how you release a game, even into EA, you deserve skepticism until further notice. I know what early access is but when you’re asking for money, it should at least be playable. At that time, it was borderline unplayable which is just as bad. I’m glad to hear it’s gotten better though.