Combat and character progression comes to Dogma: Eternal Night


The night unfurls before you and reveals itself once more. The small dev team behind the vampire MMO Dogma: Eternal Night put out a pretty interesting update this past week, informing fans that the game now has two new and essential systems. The team added combat in the form of brawling, and related to it, a limited form of character progression involving stats.

The team said that it is chucking hit points for fighting: “We rejected the idea of ‘health’ status bar and replaced it with ‘hunger,’ shown as a red bar in the UI. When wounded, the immortal being starts to heal itself, however this inevitably causes it to hunger […] If a vampire ends up in a situation where his body is consumed by hunger, and the Essence parameter is extremely low, he loses his ability to act and some of his attributes. He will need to get them back again, though at the moment it’s not that hard to do.”

Dogma: Eternal Night has raised $25,000 through crowdfunding, and as a result will be adding more options to the character creator. The team said that it is also working on better AI, another section of the city, and actual player missions.

Source: Dogma: Eternal Night. Thanks DDOCentral!
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