Gigantic outlines new penalties for players who leave mid-match

Sit the eff down.

It’s a great feeling when a Gigantic match starts up, and then some of the other players just leave without warning in the middle. Wait, not great; what’s that other word that means the opposite of great? Crappy. That’s the one. And the folks behind the game know that. That’s why they’re rolling out new penalties for players who leave in the middle of a match, much harsher than they had been before when stability was still an issue.

Essentially, lockout time increases the more you leave matches in quick succession, with players also getting more time to reconnect in the event of an unexpected disconnection. After a week, your penalties for leaving are downgraded slightly, so if you got kicked off of the game for half an hour one week but don’t make a habit of leaving mid-match, you’ll rarely notice any penalties at all. With penalties starting at five minutes and extending up to a full day of being locked out of queue, players will hopefully want to stick out a match while also not being horribly penalized for stability or other real-life issues.

Source: Reddit
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Bruno Brito

Crashes count, i got crashed every match i got yesterday and got a 24h lockdown today. Even if you reconnect, you get no rewards and get locked down.

Even if you reconnect within like 30s of disconnecting.

Motiga gotta be joking.


Know what’s going to be even more crappy?

Making players who don’t want to be in a game stick around in the game. Because now you’ve shackled them proper to stay in game they’re going to stay there and make other people miserable because they’re miserable. That means talking shit and being the very toxic players that people don’t want in games.

Oh, let me guess, you’re also cracking down on players acting toxic in your games too right? Then all players are going to do is quietly play badly to help the other team win faster while browsing the internet on their phones.

This solves nothing games. You’re just chasing your own tails.

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Tobasco da Gama

Personally, I read these match-leaving problems as a sign that there’s something a little bit off about the fundamental design of the game. Usually, it’s just that the match itself lasts too long past the point when the outcome is decided. Or else the match just plain lasts too long.

flamethekid .

match really doesn’t last that long 30 mins at the most majority of the time some people just leave the match if its not going there way or just to troll a lot of the time

Chris Stutzman

Don’t really think matches last that long in this game. Like 15 minutes if the outcome is already decided as you say; however its never too late to come back and those are the situations where the games can last up to 30 minutes.

Timing of this game is great coming from a lot of other MOBAs and Hero Shooter type games.

People tend to leave because there is no reason not to if they are losing since there is no penalty and a lot of players just enjoy winning.