Black Desert is getting a remastered orchestral soundtrack with European orchestras

I mean, there are good reasons.
The upcoming soundtrack remaster for Black Desert is nothing but an upside for fans of the game. If you already like the music in the game (you can read Justin’s evaluation of it), well, now you’ll get to hear a different version of all of it; if you don’t already like the music, hey, you’re getting a new soundtrack you might like more. But don’t take our word for it, as you can check out a preview video just below showing off the process of bringing the soundtrack to a full orchestra.

If you’re worried about lack of fidelity, the remastered soundtrack is being overseen by the original composer, Hui Man Ryu, and performed by the National Orchestra of Halle from Germany (with help from additional orchestral members from Prague and Budapest). Check out the video below, listen to a couple of sample tracks on Soundcloud, and get ready for a much richer sound for the game when the remastered soundtrack gets added.

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This is where they stuff the money? Resampling a perfectly good soundtrack with a philarmonic orchestra (though Halle is not exactly one of the most famous in the world) and doing more bloom effects? Seriously, nothing better to spend it on?
Is that some odd tax scheme where they made so much money in Europe they have to ramp up the spending artificially?

Melissa McDonald

This is quite an investment, working with a symphony can run $10K per day. But always produces the best result.


I actually loved the soundtrack, imho better than the game itself.
That velia soundtrack still haunts my mind.

Joshua Dickerson

Now they need to remaster that Shai girl near the Warehouse in Velia.