DDO Players invites Massively OP to chat about gaming, news writing, and podcasting

Well, there are woods. There might be an elf or two in there.
Haven’t had enough of listening to your Massively Overpowered team yakking on and on in both the Massively OP Podcast and Battle Bards? Then we’ve got a bonus for you this week: DDO Players invited MOP’s Justin Olivetti to talk about his recent experiences coming back to Dungeons and Dragons Online.

Yes, I’m referring to myself in the third person. Justin finds this incredibly weird all-around, but Bree thought it was a good idea.

Anyway, check out the ‘cast after the break, during which the discussion covers tabletop gaming, DDO highs and lows, and what it’s like making podcasts and writing for an MMO news site. Thanks to our generous hosts for this invite!

Source: DDO Players
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Sorry you didn’t have any luck on Ghallanda with a guild. I have found people very friendly there, I have been playing on that server since launch, aside from breaks with the game.
You are welcome to join my guild but there is only two or three of us in it so that may be too small for you. It would be a good way to get back into things though and then you can move guilds anytime once you find a more active one.
I also love Arty, though my favorite toon is my monk. I have put a lot of time into her so she has many past lives.
Hope you stay playing and hope to see/run with you on Ghallanda sometime.

Roger Melly

Offer a joint subscription with Lotro and I would probably play it .

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Jack Pipsam

I often thought that could be a neat offer.


If you can get onto Cannith I would be happy to group with you. I would hesitate to rcommend my own guild because most of the players are on hiatus, but they always return soonner or later. Be glad to invite you if you want (The Wild Geese). The Damsels are also on Cannith “A Tribe Called Zerg” and they put up lfg often and are far from snobs. You probably have good luck on Canith just do a character transfer.
PS: Welcom Back

Duey Bear

More podcast crossovers please!