Take a peek at Elder Scrolls Online’s Clockwork City DLC map and subzones

Now that Elder Scrolls Online’s Clockwork City DLC is live for testing on the PTS, the spoilers have changed over from a trickle to roar, even from ZeniMax itself. Today, the studio’s published an overview sort of guide to the six areas in the new zone, Sotha Sil’s creepy steampunk lair “filled with mysterious automatons, fantastic sights, and hidden dangers.” Those would be:

  • The Brass Fortress, the residential area where you can craft and gather in relative safety;
  • The Mechanical Fundament, a “dangerous labyrinth is crawling with fabricants and single-minded factotums that won’t hesitate to sanitize the area of organic infestation (read: people)”;
  • The Halls of Regulation, which ought to be a mundane water-and-air utility monitoring station but instead is a Delve for adventurers;
  • The Shadow Cleft, a shadowy Daedric realm to Nocturnal that happens to have a portal inside the city;
  • The Sanctuary of Verification, Sotha Sil’s lab and factory, which plays host to a world boss;
  • and the Asylum Sanctorium, the sanitarium where you’ll end up if you go mad, plus the DLC’s new group dungeon.

The DLC is slated for later this year; while you don’t technically need to have purchased Morrowind to buy and play this DLC, it’d probably make a lot of sense to do so, as the plots are linked.

Massively OP ESO columnist Larry Everett will be back tomorrow with a deep-dive into the DLC on the PTS tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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i regret buying this game .. its so mediocre

Viktor Budusov

Where is this zone located on Tamriel map?

Teala Te'Jir

It’s like the way they depict Cold Harbor, it’s in it’s own little bubble. Clockwork City is a huge construct built by one of the gods in Elder Scrolls Sotha Sil. It is actually not very big in terms of your player – that is why when you port there you are shrunk down to a size that allows you to explore it. Think oversized snow globe about the size of a round dinner table.