Citadel: Forged With Fire balances all the things with its weekly patch

Oh, uh. Hey. Hey, guys.

There’s no new content being added to Citadel: Forged With Fire with its latest patch. Instead, this patch is all about squashing bugs, fixing persistent complaints, and addressing balance issues. For example, players had been complaining about the Necrosis spell, and a close examination revealed that a bug was causing the spell to deal far more damage than intended (and thus becoming the only viable PvP offense). That’s been corrected. Flight potions will also be easier to use, since they’ll no longer fill your vision with awful, obscuring smoke.

Players can look forward to more improvements to the game’s performance on high-population servers, more useful options when using the Deconstructor, and tamed creatures should be handled better by the client. Combine that with more fixes and improvements, and the update as a whole should make the content already in the game that much more pleasant to play. That’s almost as good as new content, right?

Source: Steam
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