Classic EverQuest’s 24th expansion, Ring of Scale, is set to launch in December

Everything old is... still old, but a newer sort of old.

Are you sad that the original EverQuest is so neglected? If so, you are wrong. It’s not neglected at all. Even if you have zero desire to go jump on one of the game’s progression servers, the game is launching its 24th expansion in December. EverQuest: Ring of Scale will be up for pre-order and beta testing in October, so you only have a little while left before you can start seeing the latest expansion for yourself.

This expansion sends players back to Kunark for new gear, new monsters, new skills, new AA, and more new stuff. Plenty of content for players to plow through as they finish off what was started in the 23rd expansion as the Combine faces its greatest challenge yet. It’s good to see that even years later, new expansions for EverQuest still come out on a regular basis. And that’s not counting plans for more updates to the game’s time-locked progression servers, to boot.


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Robert Mann

Cool, but what do they mean “Ring of Scale”? Do they mean that it is a ring made from the scales of creatures? Do they mean the rings scale with your play? Do they mean that the entire new area is one giant scale in the shape of a ring, and that if players aren’t spread out enough the balance tips and bad things happen?

Sorry, these nonsense X of Y names still bug me.

Oleg Chebeneev

Ive never heard anyone on MOP saying that EQ was neglected. And why would they? It has been pumping expansions like no other MMO, releasing new progression servers, even doing regular events.