Dark and Light explains the basics of the refining forge

Dark and Light explains the basics of the refining forge

Why stop at a normal forge? Normal forges are fine, we guess, for doing normal things, but Dark and Light lets you make yourself a refining forge which is even more… well, refined. It says that right in the game. You can check out all of the details in a new video explaining that you first unlock your forge by harvesting and consuming several Frozen Crystals, allowing you to gather the materials needed to make your special glowing refining forge.

Continuing to improve your skill will allow you to make magically enchanted items by finding active ley lines, thus giving you random stat improvements (you’ll need to thus do a lot of forging to get the really good items). Check out the whole system in video form below; it’s rather elaborate, but it should allow you to sport tricked-out gear better than anyone else you meet.

Source: YouTube

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Mick the Barbarian

Ok. I’m confused. The same name and logo was used for an MMO back in 2006 which had so much potential, but was a complete and utter disaster. How is this game related to that previous one?

Melissa McDonald

Graphics look good in this game


Animations are terrible, so imo no, graphic needs huge improvements.