Final Fantasy XIV posts a teaser site for Patch 4.1: The Legend Returns

Technical specifications for this airship? Sure!
The next major patch for Final Fantasy XIV is on its way, and like every patch, it starts with a new portion of the main scenario quest. Sure, the end of the Stormblood story saw the liberation of subjugated provinces… but what does that mean for the many people who had long seen that end as an impossible dream? We don’t know yet, but we know that Raubahn and Lyse both will have some important questions to answer… and quickly.

Players will also be exploring the Drowned City of Skalla, ruins flooded beneath what is now Loch Seld in the wake of the Sixth Umbral Calamity, now filled with the remnants of a once-grand civilization. Over in Kugane, players will be meeting up with the Majestic Imperial Theater Company on the performance airship Prima Vista, learning more of the company’s legendary performance of the Zodiac Brave story and diving into the legend of Ivalice. And that’s only the stuff we already know about on the preview page; there’s still more to come.

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Oh man. I haven’t played this expansion, but the connection to Final Fantasy Tactics almost makes me want to buy it. If nothing else, definitely stealing the wallpaper from the site.

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Drat, I was hoping the title referred to Inspector Hildibrand…

Dagget Burmese

They have said there is more Hildibrand coming soon.