War Thunder enters the Cold War era with its latest update

While you weren’t paying attention, the Cold War crept up on us all. Again. War Thunder entered a new era — or E.R.A. — this week, introducing vehicles and technology from the 1960s and 1970s into its mixed vehicle environment.

Players can now secure Rank VI vehicles from the more recent past, which includes nearly three dozen new and revised tanks and planes. Some of these vehicles will enjoy the new composite and reactive armor to help them survive during battles. And while flying about over the battlefield, pilots can also hop into turrets and experience them from a first-person view.

The team also introduced a new maps with Update 1.71: the disputed German farmland of the Fulda Gap, picturesque Japenese Imperial Gardens, and an air battle above the Hürtgen Forest. Get a full overview of all of the features and changes below!

Source: War Thunder