Wild West Online begins its second tech alpha test today

And we shoot the varmint.

The first technical alpha for Wild West Online was a success, at least in that lots of stuff broke. But when you’re running a technical alpha, you want things to break. So the game has gotten a round of fixes over the past week, and now the developers want the testing cadre to swing in and break all of those fixes with the start of the second technical alpha test today. You’ll have to work hard to break stuff, though; the developers say they’ve worked their tushes off on crashes and stability bugs.

If you’re not interested in just paying to play a game to get it to not work, you can also take part in some actual content, as this build adds in missions (chiefly for tutorial purposes) and new HUD graphics. There are also better systems in place to track discoveries and better maps, so you’ll have more to do just riding around. If you’re in the testing, get ready to mosey on back in and start breaking a whole new set of fixes.

We streamed the first alpha test last weekend; take a peek down below.

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Paul Hurtado

As much as I am yearnin’ for a Wild West MMO, I am going to take a wait and see approach here… I at least want to see the game in a closed beta state before I even consider spending money or investing any time in it.

Daniel Boldin

I gave this game 2 hours, I requested my refund Right after.
1. The Lack of Sounds and basic gameplay elements is unnerving.
2. This is NOT an MMO, this is going to be a 100 Man Server IF THAT.
3. The entire Game is This. STAND were a Gold Node Spawns, Harvest it, wait 15 min, Harvest Again, Get killed by Outlaw, or Harvest Again, then Run/Ride all the Way NW to turn gold into the currency.
4. This game at best is a 2/10


…You really missed the whole “this is a bare bones alpha” bit, didn’t you.

You’re literally complaining that this game is an actual alpha rather than the Early Access bullshit that tries to sell packages that are often around 3x the price of WWO’s highest package.


What the poster above you Dro Gul said…


You’re complaining about the very first testing release candidate content and performance? Now I’ve seen everything. /eyeroll

Dro Gul

Maybe you missed the part where you have to ask for your refund in the next 4 days. Don’t blame a player for having to judge the game in it’s current state. Stop being an apologist and blame the developer if you feel it’s too early to judge.

Melissa McDonald

I’ll give it a gander and a look-see. Over yonder. :)