Red Dead Redemption 2 kicks the can on its ‘summer’ announcement


Rule lawyers, please advise: Is it fulfilling the terms of a verbal contract to have promised more details on a delayed game by the end of summer and then announce hours prior to the start of autumn that an announcement was coming? Does that count?

Because that’s exactly what Rockstar Games did with Red Dead Redemption 2. When the studio revealed back in May that it was delaying the multiplayer sequel to its hit western game to 2018, Rockstar promised more details by the end of summer. The details that we got just before the seasons passed the baton? An announcement of an upcoming September 28th announcement. Seems a little disingenuous from where we are sitting.

Rockstar previously said that RDR2 would contain an “online multiplayer experience” when it arrive on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but the studio’s been considerably more cagey about whether or not the rumored PC version will actually happen. Maybe we’ll find out more next week?

Source: Twitter via Kotaku
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Ahelms Tub

it does count as them having a summer announcement, yes.


September 28 is close enough. Besides, now gaming press gets a free “omg, there’s a week delay on an announcement!” click


Ill leave this here from your “the rumoured pc version will actually happen” link. ;)

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Rockstar – instead of being obnoxious about it just release the information when you are ready. The world isn’t holding on by a thread waiting for the news.


Asking Rockstar not to be obnoxious is like asking water not to be wet.

Ahelms Tub

actually, the large community of people who love red dead and GTA ARE.


There was no contract of any kind :D No consideration = no contract.