Avabel announces Steam, Switch, and PS4 import with crossplay capabilities


We are pretty used to hearing about MMORPGs that spawn a mobile version, but how about the other way around? Avabel Online, a mobile game that launched back in 2013, is now confirmed to be coming to consoles and PC in the future.

The Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and Steam will all see an identical client of the mobile MMO with one notable change: the addition of controller support for the console editions. The announcement in Tokyo this week was accompanied by word that all versions of Avabel will interact with each other, allowing full platform crossplay.

If this announcement piques your interest, you can pick up Avabel today on Android or iOS and get a head start on your console and PC progress!

Source: MMO Culture


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I’m not biased of Asobimo games but I wonder why that one of all of their game and not the most recently made game instead?

Sorrior Draconus

Elephant in the room moment but anyone else notice xbox is the only one not on cross play list?

As much as people want to blame sony I know what happened with ffxiv abd how it was Microsoft bullhead ed attitude about servers and gold that caused it and wonder if they are not their own worst enemy..most blame sony but yeah.

As for game itself meh may check it out

Nemui Byakko

Ow :( They should make this with Toram online, not Avabel. Toram is really much better.

Loyal Patron

I’d gouge out my own eyes before I’d play a mobile to pc port.


One of the better but still awful by most standards mobile mmos.

Robert Mann

Correction, or rather clarification, because I was about to ask who was so dumb as to put touch controls on switch and PC. The UI will feature controls relevant to each, with controller, mouse and keyboard, or built in controls as needed.

That first line in the second paragraph is terrible. Fix that!

Mr Poolaty

Wouldn’t this be the first full cross-platform supported game?

Kenji Takeda

technically yes it would be but I should gave that to ffxi even though it had some kinda of quirks with microsoft.

im impressed this is full on cross platform good job!

flamethekid .

Adventure Quest has that title

Kenji Takeda

adventure quest do not have crossplay to this extent and we can safely say ffxi did it before with ps2 and pc crossplay.